Tasmania: Flush with History and Connections

The harrowing story of Convict transportation to Tasmania isn’t new – it’s been told many times.
So it’s refreshing when you find a story that offers a unique point of view.

Sue Cox wrote Banished Beyond the Seas with more than a little personal engagement; though a work of fiction, it’s based loosely on her great great great grandmother’s life.

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Plenty of Tasmanian history

Sue has an abiding love of history, so was more than in her element, as she pursued the nitty-gritty as well as the historical core essentials. It might be fiction, but you’ll be hard pressed to find much that’s not based in verifiable fact!

The sense of place is solid and authentic, with detailed depictions of countryside that the story’s inhabitants would recognize in an instant.

Ready for a gripping read?
No story of convicts being transported to the ends of the earth (and that’s exactly how they saw Tasmania) is ever a walk in the park. As Hobbes so succinctly put it, in the 1660s, “...the life of man is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”. 

It was just the same for women, but not many of the stories are about them. And especially the extraordinarily resilient ones who are undeniably responsible for generations of gutsy, indomitable Tasmanian women.

Jeannie, the heroine of our tale, is one such. We share the unimaginable hardships she endured, and her doggedness in keeping her family intact, all the while repressing her own needs.

More than a horror story
The story comes to life with brilliant detail, and lets the reader share some unexpectedly funny and poignant moments. There was horror, more often than not, but resilience brings a degree of optimism even in the face of hopelessness.

Family is central here……every variety of it. Jeannie’s own before misfortune got her, the various new ones she formed during and after her arduous journey, and finally, with freedom, her own new family.

Gift-giving any time
Regardless of age or gender this’ll make a perfect gift because there’s something for every reader. Of course it’s a bit harrowing in places, but it’s not a difficult read, and will work well as a holiday read.    Click here to secure your copy of the book now.